Understanding Stage 1 trauma can reduce the progression of an acute injury into chronic pain.

Recovering from a muscle injury and athletic injury causing acute pain requires diligence during the Stage 1 (acute) phase which begins from the moment of the injury and usually lasts from one day to a week.

This stage is characterized by Inflammation. Inflammation has four elements:

  1. Swelling
  2. Redness
  3. Pain
  4. Heat.

In the traditions of Chinese Medicine (TCM), swelling is understood to be the slowing down of the body’s qi (vital life force energy), blood and other body fluids. Because the force of an injury will often rupture capillaries and other blood vessels causing a “black and blue” swelling, injuries are also a shock to the body and mind, further disrupting the flow of qi and blood.

It is, therefore, imperative to address a Stage 1 injury (acute stage) with Pain & swelling alleviation as well as increasing the circulation of blood and Qi flow by encouraging the mind/body connection for the release of necessary immune cells.

The Aged Trauma Extract and Trauma Salve  were developed out of the need to have this well-rounded Stage 1 trauma treatment at your disposal. Like ice, it reduces swelling quickly and alleviates pain; and like spice or heat, it encourages blood and qi flow while relaxing the muscles to calm the mind for immune regulation.



The best method of application is a “massage” technique of some kind. That is to say a gentle, circular, rubbing motion into the area of trauma so the salve can penetrate into the deeper layers of the body through the skin stimulation of circular motion. Not only is this more favorable, but you need less of the salve in treatment, by utilizing massage technique for a deeper treatment requirements (bone bruising, contusions, etc).


Another application is to pack a traumatized area with a large scoop of the salve. For example, softball and baseball players will typically present with hip bruising all the way into the bone (from sliding on the ground, or getting hit with the ball). This type of injury requires constant application of the Trauma Salve so at night when sleeping, you can take a generous scoop of the salve, place it over the bruise and cover with a gauze pad or even paper towel. Allow the salve to absorb into the area of trauma throughout the evening of sleep. Not only will the salve work on the injury, but it will greatly reduce pain to assist in sleep.



Thousands of years ago, bruising formulas were developed for “fighters” and the “battlefield”. Acute injury to the tissue and bone. Our Trauma line (Trauma SalveThe Aged Trauma Extract ) , is no different, as it is based on the TCM concepts of Stage 1 trauma requirements. However, many of my patients have experimented with the salve and have used it for a number of different things, below is a list of successful clinical applications.

  • Bruising of any kind
  • Thin skinned bruising, apply all over body in the morning to reduce bruising throughout the day
  • Painful and swollen varicose veins
  • Swelling due to traumatic hits and falls (bumps, sprained ankles)
  • Facial skin dryness (especially in menopausal women)
  • Foot dryness due to side effects from cardiovascular medication
  • Bruising prevention from botox injections
  • Pain, swelling or bruising due to dropping objects on toes or slamming finger in doors and drawers.