Denaturing a protein based sting with heat stops pain instantly.

We have all had the unfortunate experience while walking in the woods, playing at the pool, doing yard work, playing in our forts or taking out the trash to have been stung by 1 or all of these critters. Certainly, I have, and so has my son and my little nieces and nephews. Chinese Medicine has an excellent approach safe for all ages for these types of situations; The Art of Denaturing the Sting.

Not all insects have a heavy protective proteins inside of their venom, but the majority of our domestic critters do: The Bee, Wasp, Centipede, Scorpion, Mosquito, Horsefly and Sting Ray most certainly do. So when you come into contact with one of these guys, reach for the heat!


Stop the Pain: Most (if not all) Chinese Medical physicians have a moxibustion stick on them for varying issues to address with their patients. Moxibustion sticks are great because the heat and the ash are very controlled in the stick, so it is very safe to use. Furthermore, the herb Mugwort is packed into the stick and is excellent at penetrating deeply into the bone level of the body without burning the skin. You can use this heat process for Mosquito bites, stingray stings, wasp stings, centipede stings, scorpion sting, bee stings and yellow jacket stings.

  • LIGHT STICK: When using a moxibustion stick  you will simply take a lighter and light the end until you see a strong red heat emerge at the tip (a fire will not occur). Blow on the end to make a strong heat.
  • PLACEMENT: Place the end of the stick as close as you can to the area of skin that has been stung (without touching the skin) and hold there until you, your child or the other person feels that hot searing knife-like sting that comes with feeling too much heat, and then quickly remove. The person (or you) that you are doing this too will say “OUCH!”. You will not burn or sear the skin when doing this, so do not be afraid to do it, and as soon as that initial heat bite is felt, the entire sting pain will be gone immediately because you have broken apart the proteins that protected the venom. 
  • SAFETY: This procedure is safe to do on adults, children, and animals. You will not catch anything on fire and you will not cause a serious burn by doing it. You will bring instant pain relief to yourself or child. When finished with the moxa stick, cover the end with aluminum foil to snuff out the smolder (do not use water).
  • SUBSTITUTIONS: In a pinch, I have used a cigarette, I have used a lighter, I have used a very hot shower or bath water, I have used boiling hot towels. I recommend you use these items with caution if you are forced to use anything other than a moxa stick. (feel free to travel with it!)

Stop the histamine reaction: If you or your child are sensitive to this type of bite, grab your anti-histamine and take it just to be safe.

Use external creams: Many of my patients have begun to use The Alchemist Collection’s “Chest Rub” to put on their wasp and Scorpion stings (which are VERY stubborn and last for a few days). You may ask, why the Chest Rub? Surprisingly, in a pinch – a patient of mine only had the Chest Rub salve on her when she was stung by a wasp, so she used the Chest Rub on it and it worked. Wasp sting pain gone, red rash that was growing receded and disappeared. So that’s another option as well!