Does this sound familiar?

A patient, who has tried everything natural on the shelf (to no avail), walks into the foot doctor’s office with a toenail (or finger nail) fungus. Foot doctor suggests pulling out the nail. Patient declines. Lamisil is prescribed for the fungus. Patient is intrigued. Doctor explains side effects of Lamisil. Patient quickly searches about Lamisil on the internet. Patient sees LIVER DAMAGE as a side effect. Patient remembers Acupuncture friend talking about nail fungus being a manifestation of Liver disharmony and thinks “better not”.

Time and time again, as an herbalist and Oriental Medical Physician I am asked about significant nail fungus on toes and fingers and what natural things can be done about it. And the best thing about this question is that there is plenty that can be done about it and permanently.

Fungus is fungus, if it is manifesting on the outside of us (like our nails), it has undoubtedly come from an ecological imbalance within us. Just as a garden that has been over watered or undernourished, our internal environments must have ecological balance. Equal parts, water, bacteria, fungus, heat and cooling agents. So when someone sees a flower wilting in their garden and they try to spray a magic non-wilt extract on the flower, it doesn’t make much sense when you think about it ecologically. As a gardener, you have to think of all the possibilites; “Is the flower not getting enough water?”, “too much sun exposure”?, “too much water exposure”, “unhealthy ph in the dirt?” – many things must be considered.  The same goes for our bodies.

That is why you have tried every product on the shelf and it has not worked for you.

Yes, as an OM Physician I can blame this one on your Liver. After all it is this powerhouse of an organ that is responsible for detoxing the junk from our blood streams and dealing with excessive carbs and fats (glucose – aka – sugar). Should I point my finger at the gut, which is most likely overpopulated by fungus we don’t want. Or should we just go straight to the lifestyle habits that have thrown the body into an imbalanced state while trying to keep up with our eating on the run-high carb-high sugar-high alcohol-high stress-no sleeping way of life?

The answer is Yes.

If you have a straight up fungal infection you got from toe rot while hiking the rain forest one summer or too many pedicures in not so sanitary places, no problem, My broad range anti-fungal extract will work great on the external fungal infection. It will take out your nail fungus in about a month with commited applications. However, if you have tried every product on the market (and even a few on the black market) and you have never seen a result, you have to take out your gardener lenses and look at your life, don’t wait until New Year’s to do it, or for your loved ones to say the words “When are you going to take care of that?”

So let’s walk through this process together.

Be honest checklist. . .

  • Do you eat too many simple sugars? In case you are pretending to not know what those are let me help: cake, cookies, donuts, chocolate bars, sodas, fast food.
  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Do you eat fast food?
  • Do you eat foods high in fats like fried foods? (yes, this includes french fries and bacon).
  • Do you eat heavy carbs? (Pasta, bread)
  • Are you going through menopause?

For systemic fungus to be cleared from the body, there is no magic pill, or “in 3 easy steps” (unless those steps include changing diet, changing lifestyle, adding supplements) you are going to want to eliminate what is listed above for a certain period of time. You pick it, it is your nail fungus, the longer you can refrain from sugar, heavy carbs, (possibly dairy) and alcohol, the better this will work. 3 months is an excellent college try. 2 weeks is a good time frame because you made a great effort to change “got to” habits and it will help you continue the program. 1-3 days….. you don’t really want to get rid of that nail fungus.


This is #1. In Chinese Medicine we say “True healing is in the life”, and that is to say, look into the life to find the cure. Make some eliminations (use guide listed above).


Get yourself on an excellent probiotic, let’s start populating your gut with good stuff. In Chinese Medicine we seek to strengthen and balance the body, we do not go after the germ. You can either choose to take an excellent probiotic, or you can choose to use an organic mushroom blend (mushrooms are amazing at repairing the gut and repopulating it with what your particular gut needs, in true customize fashion). You can also take a daily tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar if you like that sort of thing. And last, but not least, let’s add some Milk Thistle to help out the Liver function and reduce sugar cravings.

External Washes

Here is now when you can tackle the fungus from the outside while working on the inside. Take your pick. I make an aged, broad spectrum anti-fungal with powerful Chinese Herbs, I love mine, it works great. There are others out there too.